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Duotex® split

The Duotex® technology is one of the secrets why our microfiber products are the most effective on the market with the highest quality and optimal ergonomics.


Maximum cleaning power

Since 1996, our goal has been to create the most effective microfiber concept on the market. All Duotex® textile products are tested internally and externally by independent institutes. Tests of the mops are done on different types of floor surfaces with different types of dirt. They show the effectiveness of the mops in removing dirt and germs from the surface.

Independent tests show that the Duotex® fabrics pick up 99.9% of MRSA bacteria in one motion with both dry and damp cleaning without chemicals.


Quality and Warranty

In addition to ISO 9001, we have developed our own quality controls to ensure the highest quality. All Duotex® textiles are designed to withstand very long usage. Thanks to the unique manufacturing process we guarantee a minimum of 500 cycles of use while maintaining the cleaning performance.